Great Restaurants in Mt. Lebanon

Mt. Lebanon is full of delicious restaurant options. There are lots of Italian options, a gastropub and one of three Sesame Inns in the area. Here are five great restaurants in Mt. Lebanon.

Bella’s on Fort Couch

Restaurants in Mt. Lebanon

If you’re in the mood for some delicious homemade Italian food, head to Bella’s. The homemade ravioli is to die for, as is their wedding soup—a perfect pick-me-up for cold winter days. For more information on Bella’s, click here.

The Yard

The chain restaurant’s Mount Lebanon location serves the same delicious food you’re used to around the city’s other locations. Enjoy burgers and sandwiches, plenty of delicious apps and perhaps the most fun part of the Yard—their gourmet grilled cheeses. Their quirky names like “Smack Yo Mama” and “Mac Attack” make them fun to order. For more information on The Yard, click here.

Piacquadio’s Italian Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurants in Mt. Lebanon

Homestyle Italian is the name of the game at this Mount Lebanon staple. Deep fried zucchini are delicious appetizers and their menu is served family style. Enjoy items like homemade lasagna, chicken parmesan and more. For more information on Piacquadio’s Italian Restaurant & Lounge, click here.

Bistro 19

Bistro 19, on Washington Road in the heart of Mt. Lebanon, is an intimate bistro with “new american” cuisine, a large wine list and Sunday brunch.  Many of the ingredients are locally sourced, and the Bistro Burger is to die for!

Sesame Inn Mount Lebanon

Restaurants in Mt. Lebanon

The popular Chinese food chain has a branch in Mount Lebanon. Traditional Chinese dishes like Kung Pao chicken and seven different kinds of fried rice are a standout. There are also sushi and Thai options. For more information on the Sesame Inn, click here.

If you’re looking for a list of the best restaurants in the Pittsburgh area, check out our Ultimate Guide to the Best Pittsburgh Restaurants for every occasion.  We will continue to update this list of great places to eat in Pittsburgh on a regular basis!

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  1. No mention of Bistro 19, you must be kidding. Not only Mt. Lebanon, but, one of the best in Pittsburgh area.

  2. Agree – Bistrp 19 is superb! And what about cafe IO? Great grilled cheese and salads around.

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