Satisfy Your Cravings: Discovering the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh

Best Pizza in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city that takes its pizza seriously. With a variety of styles, toppings, and crusts, there is no shortage of options for pizza lovers. Whether you’re a yinzer or a visitor, finding the best pizza in Pittsburgh can be a daunting task. In this article, we will guide you through the pizza scene in Pittsburgh and help you discover the best pizza places in the city.

Criteria for Determining the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh

Determining the best pizza in Pittsburgh is no easy feat. There are a few criteria that must be met to qualify as a top contender. The first is the crust. The crust must be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The sauce must be flavorful but not overpowering, and the cheese must be high quality and evenly distributed. Finally, the toppings must be fresh and balanced.  But that’s not really unique, is it?  It’s the same for most people, which is why pizza is such a ubiquitous food.  So many of us have our own favorite pizza places, and for so many different reasons.  So… this list of the best pizza in Pittsburgh is by no means final… or the list to “end all lists”… it’s just that based on personal observation, and some vicious rumors, these pizza joints in Pittsburgh seem to be mentioned fairly regularly.  Or… perhaps we spend a little too much time on social media.  Anyway… here goes…

Top 5 Places for Pizza in Pittsburgh

Fiori’s Pizzaria

Fioris Pizza best pizza in pittsburgh

Located right on the border of Beechview and Brookline, as well as a location in downtown Pittsburgh, Fiori’s has been serving up delicious pizza for over 50 years. Their signature square-shaped pizza is a must-try.  Fiori’s is currently located at 103 Capital Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15226 (Brookline) and 3801 Washington Road, McMurray, PA.  You can visit Fiori’s website here.

Mineo’s Pizza House

Mineos best pizza in Pittsburgh

Mineo’s has been a Pittsburgh institution since 1958. With locations in Squirrel Hill, Mount Lebanon,and Allison Park, Mineo’s is known for their tangy sauce and crispy crust.  Mineo’s is located at 2128 Murry Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (Squirrel Hill), 713A Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon, PA and 2684 Wildwood Road in Allison Park.  You can visit Mineo’s website here.

Ginny’s Neighborhood Pizza Joint

Ginnys best pizza in pittsburgh

Located in Murrysville, which is right across the Allegheny County Line from Monroeville, Ginny’s serves up incredible hand-tossed pizza with fresh ingredients. Their care for traditional pizza-making and Italian flavors sets them apart from the competition.  Ginny’s is located at 5549 Old William Penn Highway in Murrysville.  You can visit Ginny’s website here.

Driftwood Oven

Driftwood Oven Best Pizza in Pittsburgh

This Lawrenceville pizza joint is known for their wood-fired pizzas made with locally-sourced ingredients. Their flavorful crust and creative toppings make them a must-visit.  Driftwood Oven is located at 3615 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville)   You can visit Driftwood Oven’s website here.

Iron Born Pizza

Iron Born best pizza in pittsburgh

Iron Born’s Detroit-style pizza has been taking Pittsburgh by storm. With locations in the Strip District and Millvale, their thick, crispy crust and savory sauce make them a top contender.  Iron Born Pizza is located in the Smallman Galley in the Strip District at 1806 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA and in Millvale at 413 Grant Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15209.  You can visit Iron Born Pizza’s website here.

Honorable Mentions – More Places for Great Pizza in Pittsburgh

While the above five pizzerias are among the best in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of other great pizza places worth trying. Some honorable mentions include:

Spak Brothers

Spak Brothers best pizza in Pittsburgh

Located in Garfield, Spak Brothers serves up delicious vegan and vegetarian options alongside their classic pies.  Spak Brothers is located at 5107 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield).  You can visit their website here.

Beto’s Pizza

Betos pizza best pizza in pittsburgh

Located at 1473 Banksville Road between Beechview and Banksville, Beto’s is known for their crispy, thin crust and generous toppings. You can visit Beto’s website right here.

Pizza Parma

Pizza Parma best pizza in Pittsburgh

Pizza Parma has locations in downtown Pittsburgh and Shadyside.  They offer a variety of specialty pizzas like the BBQ Chicken Pizza and the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  You can visit Pizza Parma’s website here.

Slice on Broadway

Slice on Broadway best pizza in Pittsburgh

Slice on Broadway has locations in the Southside, Carnegie, Wexford, Beechview and East Liberty. Slice on Broadway is known for their New York-style pizza and fresh ingredients.  You can visit Slice on Broadway’s website here.

Pizza crawls – exploring different neighborhoods for the best pizza

One of the best ways to discover the best pizza in Pittsburgh is by taking a pizza crawl through different neighborhoods. Start in Beechview with Fiori’s and Slice on Broadway, then make your way to Lawrenceville for Driftwood Oven and Spirit, a local bar that serves up delicious pizza. Next, head to the Strip District for Iron Born and DiAnoia’s Eatery, a delicious Italian restaurant that serves up pizza alongside their pasta dishes. End your pizza crawl in Squirrel Hill with Mineo’s and Aiello’s Pizza, another local favorite.

Unique Pizza Styles and Toppings in Pittsburgh

One of the things that sets Pittsburgh’s pizza scene apart is the unique toppings and styles. At Pizza Taglio, try the Potato Leek pizza with smoked ricotta and lemon zest or the Fennel Sausage pizza with pickled peppers and onions. At Iron Born, go for the Classic Red Top with pepperoni and giardiniera or the Vegan White Top with roasted garlic and cashew cream.

Pizza Delivery and Takeout Options in Pittsburgh

If you’re craving pizza but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of delivery and takeout options in Pittsburgh. Most of the top pizza places in the city offer delivery through apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats, and many also offer online ordering for takeout. Some of the best options for pizza delivery and takeout include Fiori’s, Mineo’s, and Slice on Broadway.

How To Make Your Own Pizza at Home – Pittsburgh-style

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try making your own Pittsburgh-style pizza at home, it’s easier than you might think. Start with a high-quality pizza dough and top it with your favorite sauce, cheese, and toppings. For a classic Pittsburgh-style pizza, go for pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers. For a unique twist, try smoked gouda cheese and bacon on a white pizza.

Future of Pittsburgh’s Pizza Scene

the future of pizza in pittsburgh

As Pittsburgh’s food scene continues to grow, so does the pizza scene. New pizzerias are popping up all the time, each with their own unique style and twist on classic pizza. With so many options, there’s no doubt that Pittsburgh will continue to be a top destination for pizza lovers.

Which of the Best Pittsburgh Pizza Places will YOU try?

With so many great pizza places in Pittsburgh, it can be hard to decide where to start. Whether you go for a classic pie at Mineo’s or try something new at Pizza Taglio, you’re sure to find something delicious in Pittsburgh’s pizza scene. So, which pizza place will you try first?

Clan your pizza crawl today and discover the best pizza in Pittsburgh!

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