Ohio Township

ohio township pa

Ohio Township

Ohio Township,  in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, serves as a serene community approximately nine miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh. Classified as a Township of the Second Class, it boasts a rich civic structure and a population density of fewer than 300 persons per square mile, underlining its tranquil character.

The article delves into the history, geographic highlights, and the vibrant community life of Ohio Township. It further explores the township’s governance, educational facilities, and recreational offerings, providing a comprehensive overview of this picturesque area near Pittsburgh.

History and Development

Ohio Township’s evolution from its inception in 1803, as the first subdivision of Pine Township, to a bustling community reflects a significant transformation. This transition is marked by several key developments:

  • Early Settlement and Growth
    • The township was named after the Ohio River, which forms its southern boundary.
    • William Richey became the first permanent settler in 1801, signaling the beginning of the township’s development.
    • Population growth was gradual but steady, with figures recorded at 1,350 in 1860, dropping to 685 by 1870, before slightly increasing to 737 in 1880.
  • Governmental Structure and Services
    • Initially, Ohio Township followed the standard model of township government established under the Land Ordinance of 1785, with three trustees and a fiscal officer.
    • Over the years, the township has adapted to changing times, with some appointing a township administrator to aid in planning and implementing goals.
    • Today, townships like Ohio Township provide essential services including road maintenance, emergency medical services, and zoning, underlining the evolution of township governance.
  • Economic and Social Development
    • The community’s shift from primarily agricultural to a blend of suburban residential developments and commercial businesses has been pivotal.
    • Significant landmarks such as Angel Mounds, Ellerbusch Site, and the Roberts-Morton House underscore the township’s rich historical and cultural heritage.
    • Modern developments, including the establishment of commercial parks and healthcare facilities, reflect Ohio Township’s ongoing growth and adaptation to contemporary needs.

This narrative demonstrates Ohio Township’s dynamic history, underpinned by its adaptability and commitment to serving its residents’ evolving needs.

Geography and Surrounding Areas

Ohio Township, enveloping an area of 6.9 square miles, is entirely landlocked, presenting a unique geographic profile within Allegheny County. This township is strategically positioned, bordered by several notable areas:

These surrounding areas contribute to Ohio Township’s distinct character, offering a blend of residential, commercial, and natural landscapes. The proximity to these townships not only influences the local economy and lifestyle but also facilitates a network of community and regional collaborations. Ohio Township’s geographical positioning enhances its accessibility to Pittsburgh, while maintaining its serene township ambiance, making it a pivotal area in Allegheny County.

ohio township pa

Government and Civic Infrastructure

Ohio Township’s governance and civic infrastructure are designed to ensure transparency, accessibility, and efficiency in serving its residents. The township’s official website serves as a central hub for a wide array of information and services:

  • Digital Accessibility:
    • Agendas and minutes for the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Sanitary Authority.
    • Schedules for various boards, authorities, and committee meetings.
    • Forms, permit applications, vacancies, ordinances, and newsletters.
  • Police Department:
    • Chief of police, specialized units, and contact information.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Current events calendar, helpful links, and a section for frequently asked questions.

The governance structure of Ohio Township is outlined as follows:

  • Elected Officials:
    • Township Trustee: An elected official with a four-year term responsible for fire protection, emergency assistance, cemetery care, vegetation control, budget management, and more.
    • Board of Supervisors: Comprised of three elected members serving six-year terms, responsible for the township’s legislative and executive functions.
    • Other Elected Positions: Property tax collector and constable, each serving six-year terms.
  • Administrative Roles:
    • Township Manager: Manages day-to-day operations, serving at will.
    • Trustees and Fiscal Officer: Elected to four-year terms, responsible for financial oversight and administrative duties.
    • Township Administrators: Appointed to assist in planning and implementing township goals.

Key Functions and Services:

  • Core Services: Road maintenance, cemetery management, police and fire protection, emergency medical services, solid waste disposal, zoning, and more.
  • Infrastructure: Maintenance of 41,000 miles of roads and streets, management of over 2,400 cemeteries.
  • Funding and Revenue: Mainly from local property taxes, gasoline and motor vehicle license taxes, and state funds. Road maintenance and repair are significant functions.

Ohio Township exemplifies a well-structured and responsive local government, committed to meeting the needs of its community through a comprehensive range of services and an accessible, transparent governance model.

Community and Lifestyle

Ohio Township offers a vibrant community and lifestyle, underpinned by a variety of recreational, educational, and social amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. The township’s commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging environment is evident in its well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and local shopping centers, alongside a strong educational framework provided by both public and private institutions.

ohio township pa

  • Recreational Facilities:
    • Ohio Township Municipal Park: Features include a Nature Center, pavilion, picnic shelters, soccer and multi-purpose fields, an outdoor Amphitheater, a handicapped-accessible walking trail, children’s playgrounds, and horseshoe pits. The park also hosts Ohio Township Community Day, offering activities and fireworks.
    • Avonworth Community Park: Offers a community pool, picnic areas, ball fields, basketball courts, a playground, and venues for weddings and showers.
  • Local Amenities and Education:
    • Shopping Centers: Residents have access to McKnight Road, Ross Park Mall, Mount Nebo Point, and an outdoor shopping center with businesses including Target, Sam’s Club, Anytime Fitness, PNC Bank, Anthropology, Home Outlet, Giant Eagle, and Home Depot.
    • Education: Served by the Avonworth School District, the community benefits from Avonworth Primary Center, Avonworth Elementary Middle School, and Avonworth High School. Eden Christian Academy offers a non-denominational Christian education from preschool through high school.
  • Community and Lifestyle Highlights:
    • The average sales price in Ohio Township is around $490,000, reflecting the area’s desirable living conditions.
    • The community enjoys access to the private Diamond Run Golf Club and dining options like Andorra and Nikki’s Thai Kitchen.
    • The racial makeup of the township is diverse, contributing to a rich cultural tapestry that enhances the community’s lifestyle.

Ohio Township’s blend of recreational, educational, and lifestyle amenities creates a well-rounded community experience, making it an attractive place to live within Allegheny County.

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